Our Mission

   Our corporate and branch office locations are situated to best serve our clients and employees. The close proximity to industrial cities. provides greater availability for regional employees to respond quickly to your requests. Local presence affords AVL Staffing Services the opportunity to participate and contribute to the communitiesí activities and prosperity.
   AVL Staffing Services has the ability to maintain a large pool of experienced personnel through our computerized database. Innovative recruiting programs and networking efforts, supply the necessary data for finding the right person for the job.
   AVL Staffing Services maintains ongoing training and testing programs to ensure compliance.
   To fulfill your requests, AVL Staffing Services utilizes an individualized search and selection process to identify and supply the most competent candidates. Through our extensive network of resources, applicant resumes are gathered and processed for preliminary review.
   Comprehensive testing is administered at the office to evaluate candidatesí knowledge, experience and capabilities. Our recruiting staff will conduct interviews and identify the most qualified applicants.
   Once the best-qualified applicant is located, screened, interviewed and tested, he/she is then presented to the client for consideration.
   We maintain ongoing communications to ensure that the placement remains successful.
   Continued safety meetings and / or training may be applicable to your company and will be evaluated at the time of placement.

Competitive Edge

   We are established as clients with Medical Clinics to help complete our partnership with individual Clients when the need arises. Abiding by the OSHA regulations our employees are carefully hand picked for your needs.
   For the approval of your supervisors, we have enclosed in this proposal an example of the Treatment Authorization slip and directions to the Clinics.

Our Philosophy

   Our philosophy at AVL Staffing is that we are partners with you as well as our inside clients. Working as a whole team, everyone will benefit from the relationship.
   As an establishment you continue to grow, we are here to assist in the evolution and success of the company.
   We will partner with you if requested, to establish your regular safety meetings throughout the calendar year.
   AVL will assure our employees have the required safety equipment while on assignment at your facility. .
5402 Suite 'C' Philadelphia Street, Chino CA 91710.  Call: (909)517 9098  Fax: (909)517 2247
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